day 240

the hardest of smiles; unshed tears

the scariest of thoughts; all hidden inside

the easiest of pretence, but plainly in sight.

never thought it would be this hard.


give me a hundred wishes

wishessunshine, love, open space, a giggle, the smell of the ocean, a kiss, ice cream, trust, a word, a massage, bird of paradise, a knitted cardigan, a James Morrison song, lentil soup, snow, wood fire, an old photograph, espressi in Rome, sisters, spring rain, a train ride with destination unknown, Japanese, a walk home from work, a first date, a smile, poetry, peace of mind, a clean apartment, grandma’s hands, you, Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2, carrots with dip,  Continue reading “give me a hundred wishes”


treI like Kenneth Kvarnström. Actually I am talking about his work.

Modern dance can be rather ‘unique’. It is not for everyone; and while I do enjoy the classics, I never warmed to modern dance performances. They generally do not make sense to me. There is too much elaborate intellectualisation to make it enjoyable. I feel pressured into thinking a certain way; to interpret in a certain way. If you know what I mean. Continue reading “tre”


redamancy there aren’t many things in life that I adore more. Being close to you, touching, feeling … sensing you. I rest my cheek against your chest. Your skin is warm and I can feel your heartbeat talking to me. I trace my fingers along your body; all the way to that little line of hair promising a different universe.

I smile and listen to your heartbeat. Have I ever told you that I love you? Have I ever made you understand that it is true? I whisper: “I love you Krümmelchen.” and I feel you sigh.

I stare into your eyes. redamō. A love returned in full.


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